Artesia Partners With Storigen Systems

Aug 15, 2003


Artesia Technologies, a provider of enterprise digital asset management (DAM) solutions, and Storigen Systems, the provider of distributed storage networks, have announced a partnership that unites Artesia TEAMS distributed repository capabilities with Storigen's Distributed Storage Network (DSN), in an effort to deliver a distributed DAM solution that enables access to digital content and facilitates collaboration, regardless of data and user location. The two companies have integrated their respective products and are jointly marketing the combined solution to existing and prospective customers.

The combination of Artesia TEAMS with Storigen's DSN is intended to offer a solution that enhances the performance and security of enterprise-wide DAM implementations. Integrating Artesia TEAMS with Storigen's DSN virtually eliminates geographic barriers to online collaboration. TEAMS works in conjunction with Storigen's DSN to get the right data to the right place at the right time, all without a change in end-user behavior or software. The combined solution is designed to improve the speed and efficiency of media production and brand marketing activities by transparently enabling high-performance online access to digital assets at remote locations.

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