Artesia Announces TEAMS Version 5.1

Jan 30, 2004

Artesia Technologies has announced version 5.1 of its Artesia TEAMS solution with new features. These features, which include enhanced integration with EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage, certified support for Apple's Safari Web browser, and the availability of German localization, are designed to ease enterprise adoption while lowering operating costs.

In addition, new benchmarking conducted with Sun Microsystems demonstrates the scalability of the Artesia TEAMS solutions to manage storehouses of digital assets. The benchmark study was conducted in Sun's Menlo Park lab simulating a typical customer configuration with over one million assets, including video, audio, text, and images. The benchmark was designed to assess the real-world performance of all major TEAMS functions and the scalability of those functions.

Artesia is also continuing to work in partnership with EMC. With Artesia's release of version 5.1 for Solaris, customers using TEAMS in conjunction with the EMC Centera Content Addressed Storage system to secure access to their digital assets can expect tighter and more seamless integration between the two technologies. Centera includes advanced features for multi-site, bi-directional content replication using both on-demand and scheduled transfer techniques. When coupled with Artesia TEAMS' distributed architecture, users are able to access all content locally, regardless of where it was created.

Artesia provides Macintosh-based creative professionals with two ways of accessing the functionality of its enterprise-wide digital asset management system. Power users can continue to take advantage of Artesia's dedicated Creative Client, which is a fully-integrated client for the Macintosh, while more casual users can use the new release's enhanced support for Safari, Apple's native OS X Web browser, which complements the system's existing support for Internet Explorer and Netscape. Likewise, updated support for German localization, which adds to existing French support, means German speakers can now take advantage of the features TEAMS has to offer within their native language.

Version 5.1 of the Artesia TEAMS digital asset management solution will be released for general availability in mid-February for the Sun Solaris platform with Windows 2000 availability scheduled for mid-March 2004.