Artesia Announces Integration with EMC

Feb 07, 2003

Artesia Technologies, Inc. has announced the integration of its TEAMS digital asset management solution with the EMC Centera solution, a content addressed storage (CAS) system designed exclusively for fixed content. The Artesia-EMC Centera integration enables users to draw upon EMC Centera's online access to fixed content in conjunction with Artesia's functionality for managing and repurposing all types of digital content. Through this enhanced online access to fixed content, organizations can reduce the operational costs associated with duplicating and delivering required media, while also improving their time-to-market and customer service capabilities.  

The integration with Centera also reinforces Artesia's ability to repurpose assets across multiple iterations addressing distinct market needs. Specifically, this approach ensures that a final version of the asset can now be stored within Centera, where content authentication processes eliminate the chance that it can be overwritten or modified. The seamless operation of this integrated system is enabled by a unique identifier, which is stored within Artesia's TEAMS as part of the asset's core metadata, and automatically directs users to the stored asset available within Centera.      

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