Arkadium Introduces InHabit

Mar 07, 2017

Arkadium announced the release of InHabit, its new “dynamic editorial” technology. InHabit’s patent-pending technology reads any article and automatically inserts an interactive editorial unit designed to both engage the reader and factually and functionally extend the article it appears on. The dynamic editorial units – which the company calls “factives” – are conceived and written by Arkadium’s in-house editorial staff and utilize artificial intelligence and big data sets to populate with contextual content. Each unit can serve potentially infinite variations of data.

How it works:

  • InHabit uses AI to automatically “read” any page and understand what the article is about, including taxonomy, sentiment, meaning, timeframe, and more.
  • It then embeds from its library a relevant dynamic editorial unit—called a “factive.”
  • That factive is populated by data relevant to the subject of the article—drawing from potentially unlimited information on everything from sports statistics and entertainment news to finance and government reports.

The company says all content generated is relevant, sophisticated, timely and brand-safe. It also says that two months of beta testing have shown that more than 17% of users who view a factive click on it, with users completing 1.6 factives per session.  And users who click a factive have a 100% increase in session duration.

InHabit is the latest offering in Arkadium’s line of in-article solutions designed to elevate audience attention, engagement, and strengthen brand loyalty, as well as optimize revenue streams for publishers.