Arial Announces Zeop Webmaster Utility

Mar 16, 2004

Arial Software has announced the availability of Zeop, its free online email subscription processing tool. Zeop is designed to give webmasters the means to build permission email lists from any Web site by placing a Zeop form on their site. The Zeop tool automatically processes email sign-ups from end users, double-confirms all subscriptions and produces a downloadable list of subscribers for the webmaster. This online email subscription processing service is free to webmasters and, according to the company, takes less than five minutes to activate and requires no technical knowledge.


Zeop does not contain spyware, banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, email spam, or other forms of aggressive commercialization. Email subscriber lists are owned and controlled exclusively by the webmasters themselves. records and stores the first names and email addresses of subscribers, notifying webmasters when their list reaches a user-specified number of addresses. Webmasters then return to the Web site and export the data to be used by any email marketing software. The confirmed email addresses can be retrieved each day, or Zeop can be set to notify webmasters when their list has accumulated 1, 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 email addresses. Email addresses are stored in Zeop's secure servers until ready for exporting, and are not for sale or harvestable in any way.

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