Are You a Human Launches PlayThru for Video Ad Unit

Feb 18, 2014

Are You a Human, a Detroit startup that specializes in creating alternative ways for brands to interact with users, announced that it has launched PlayThru for Video. PlayThru for Video is an add-on to existing pre-roll campaigns by rewarding them for engaging with the brand. By interacting with the advertiser-for example, by dragging a "Sold" sign to a home in an ad for Quicken Loans--users can conclude the ad and get straight to the video they originally wanted to watch.

According to Are You a Human, user testing shows that consumers who engage with PlayThru for Video remember the brand just as much as those who watch the full ad, but feel 33% more favorably about the brand. PlayThru for Video also enables advertisers to avoid invalid traffic, using Are You a Human's verification technology to eliminate fraud, bots, and accidental clicks. Fake display ad impressions often driven by bots are estimated to account for over half of all online traffic, according to Incapsula, wasting anywhere from  $3.6 to $4.5 billion annually in the U.S. alone.

For PlayThru for Video's launch, Are You a Human has partnered with PopSugar, TubeMogul, and Complex Media.