Are You A Human Integrates Verified Human Whitelist With Oracle Bluekai And The Trade Desk

Sep 29, 2015

Are You A Human, the creator of Verified Human Whitelist, a people-based technology platform that allows anyone serving content, ads, or services on the web to be sure they're addressing a real human, announced that the company is working with industry leading Data Management Platform (DMP) BlueKai and Demand Side Platform (DSP) The Trade Desk to improve campaign performance by optimizing to human audiences only.

According to the company, in 13 campaigns across 25 million impressions, using the Verified Human Whitelist as a data segment led to increased performance across all platforms. On average, engagement rates more than doubled, with a high of 7x engagement. Just as important, brands that implemented the Whitelist spent zero campaign dollars on non-human traffic.