Archivas Launches

Apr 27, 2004

Archivas, Inc., a provider of open platform archive solutions for fixed-content, has announced its official launch. The company, which has received $6M in Series A venture capital funding, has also announced its Archivas Cluster (ArC) solution and the introduction of its management team. Archivas has completed a $6 million Series A financing round led by North Bridge Venture Partners and Polaris Venture Partners. The funds will support the company's ongoing hiring plans, continued product development, and execution of its go-to-market strategy.

ArC is an object-based file system designed specifically to store fixed-content, such as medical images, voice recordings, satellite images, and email. ArC offers scalable online storage, heterogeneous systems support, reliability and availability, and regulatory compliance. Archivas' object-based management approach stores a file, its metadata (information about the file), and file policies together. As a result, ArC stores and retrieves archive objects, not volumes or files. Customers can change applications or system platforms over time without impacting their ability to store and retrieve fixed-content stored in the archives. ArC is also designed to enable adherence to regulatory and corporate compliance policies such as file retention, content authentication, data shredding, and multiple levels of security.

The recently announced Archivas management team includes: Andres Rodriguez, founder and CEO; Jack Lull, VP of engineering; Asim Zaheer, VP of marketing; and Neil Colstad, VP of business development.