Arcavista Releases Communicator

Apr 25, 2003

Arcavista Corporation has launched its desktop communication tool, Arcavista Communicator, for secure communications and transactions between a company and an end-user. Using Arcavista Communicator, companies establish a direct communications channel to their core audience via an icon on individual desktops. This channel is private and does not require an email addresses or any other form of personal information. Content sent through Arcavista Communicator is fully usable when opened, eliminating the concept of the "click-through." Arcavista Communicator is designed to enable secure transactions, delivery, and display of rich media including music and video files; file delivery and storage; database search and functionality; usage tracking; segmentation; and ad serving. Arcavista Communicator offers B2B and B2C customer interaction applications including: internal communications such as enterprise-wide video/audio broadcasting as well as dissemination and storage of sales force material; supply-chain management infrastructure between companies and suppliers; investor relations such as distribution of time-sensitive materials and annual reports; sales fulfillment, whether a first time or refill order; consumer loyalty and retention programs; and a delivery vehicle for rich media advertising. Delivered to customers through a one-time download through an email link, a Web site, or from a CD-ROM, the Communicator appears as a company branded icon on the customer's desktop. The software automatically determines if new content is available, downloads the content and notifies the customer, using a branded alert notification. Arcavista Communicator can use a variety of content and programming including a variety of Web-based markup languages--such as HTML, XML, DHTML--and Web-based programming languages; popular audio and video formats; Macromedia Flash and Director; and is compatible with other common programs and formats such as Microsoft and Adobe.