Arbortext Releases Enterprise Publishing Software Suite 5.0

May 07, 2004


Arbortext, Inc., a provider of enterprise publishing software, has announced it is shipping Arbortext 5.0, its latest product release that is designed to expand the publishing software suite's functionality and ease of use. Using a centralized repository with content that can be reused, repurposed, and updated, organizations can, with an automated and repeatable process, publish that content simultaneously in multiple languages, in multiple hard and soft-copy formats, and to multiple audiences internally and externally on demand. Arbortext 5.0 is designed for industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, aerospace, and publishing where organizations are tackling the challenges of regulatory compliance issues, enterprise collaboration initiatives, customer service enhancements, and national security concerns.  

Arbortext 5.0 features four major new products and many enhancements, including: Styler--A new development tool that allows designers to create stylesheets to drive automated publishing from a single source of style to print, PDF, Web, HTML Help, or wireless devices. Styler also generates stylesheets to drive on-screen display during editing for Epic Editor, Arbortext Contributor, and Arbortext Companion. Contributor--An optional component of Arbortext's E3 publishing server, Contributor is a Web-based XML editor that runs in a browser and requires no desktop installation. Companion--A new add-in for Microsoft Word 2003, Companion simplifies the development of XML authoring applications for Word. DCAM--An optional component of Arbortext's E3 publishing server, DCAM lets authors create and manage the inter- and intra-document links that typically exist in a large collection of information, and it supports the publishing of dynamic documents that contain links.