Arbortext 5 Released for Multichannel Publishing

May 06, 2003

Arbortext, Inc., a provider of XML-based software for content creation and multichannel publishing, has announced Arbortext 5. Featuring three new products and many enhancements, Arbortext 5 is designed to help medium and large enterprises eliminate the costs and frustrations associated with the implementation of content systems to create and share information. Arbortext 5 puts the business user in control rather than requiring the specialized expertise of an XML programmer. This new version provides the business user with direct access to XML content across the enterprise, which protects document integrity and enables them to create applications for publishing dynamic content to multiple types of media. Additionally, Arbortext 5 augments the XML editing capabilities of the Enterprise and Professional versions of Microsoft Office 2003. The three new products that will be available with Arbortext 5 are Contributor, Arbortext Styler, and DCA Manager. Additionally, Arbortext 5 contains the following enhancements: Enterprise Content Creation, Stylesheet Development, Dynamic Elements, and Application Integration. The Arbortext 5 product suite will be available Winter, 2003.