Aquafadas Launches Next Gen App

Nov 24, 2015

Aquafadas announced that it has launched its Next Gen App, a digital publishing tool for creating branded apps. According to Aquafadas, this tool allows publishers to create branded apps completely online.

Well, publishers, corporations and education providers can now use a flexible app template that they can completely customize to fit their own needs using simple drag and drop controls; group their digital content, editions and issues under dynamic sections in any category they like top content, top selling editions, promotions, new releases etc.; update content in real-time once the app is published; devote sections to company news or even add a stock exchange RSS feed; control access to their content with forced login; create their app for free! No need to pay until they publish.

They can do all this directly in Cloud Connect, which has been updated to Version 4 to better support the Next Gen App. Aquafadas says it now features faster navigation, a more user-friendly interface and more responsive controls.