Aquafadas Announces Corporate Rebranding, Becomes Rakuten Aquafadas

Jul 06, 2017

Aquafadas Rakuten, part of French Tech, announced a closer collaboration with the global internet services company and operator of Japan’s leading online shopping mall, Rakuten. Starting on July 1, the French company adopted the global company brand and was renamed as Rakuten Aquafadas. 

In March 2017, Aquafadas became a major subsidiary of Rakuten and appointed new senior management. Since then expanding Aquafadas mobile apps and digital publishing system as a central aggregator of various Rakuten B2B and B2C services has become a key focus. 

The current rebranding comes in line with a Global Integration Initiative, taking place at Rakuten and coincides with Rakuten’s 20th anniversary. Rakuten says it will be better positioned to drive an increase in cross-use of services, increase the lifetime value of each member and drive gross transaction value (GTV) growth.