Aquafadas Adds New Features to Digital Publishing Solution 3.0

Aug 05, 2013

Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, announced it has added two new features--Progressive Downloads and ImageMagick support--to its Aquafadas Digital Publishing System version 3.0.

The Aquafadas Digital Publishing System lets publishers add interactive enrichments to content. However, some of these enrichments call for larger file sizes that cause longer downloads. With the new Progressive Downloads feature, consumers can select and begin reading their favorite section while the download goes on in the background.

Aquafadas v3 now leverages ImageMagick technology to automatically resize graphics, eliminating the need to edit images in external programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Users simply insert images into the layout, and the Aquafadas Digital Publishing engine resizes the graphics to display on any given smartphone, tablet, or desktop system.