Aptara Now Offers End-to-End Content and Business Support Solutions

Jun 26, 2014

Aptara announced it has expanded its offerings to provide end-to-end solutions for information providers and all businesses involved in content production. Aptara says its solutions and services will enable its customers to find new ways to monetize their content assets, measurably improve performance, and increase revenues across their entire operation.

Aptara designs and implements solutions that capitalize on new digital and mobile delivery channels for eBooks, employee training, product manuals, financial reports, all types of federally regulated documentation, and other content-intensive products. Its solutions aim to improve the convenience, impact, and value of a company's content while significantly lowering overhead.

Aptara launched a new logo and website that it says reflects its complete content and business support solutions as well as its expertise in the publishing, banking, finance, insurance, legal, IT, healthcare, and pharmaceutical sectors. The website also underscores the leading-edge customer lifecycle management expertise with which Aptara supports the solutions it designs and implements.