Aprimo Evolves Marketing Productivity Solution with New Intelligent Capabilities

Nov 21, 2017

Aprimo, a provider of marketing operations and digital asset management technology, announced new features to its Marketing Productivity solution. The enhancements represent Aprimo’s latest advancements to take manual work out of the modern marketer’s job to drive intelligent marketing work management.  

An in-depth look at the new Marketing Productivity features is as follows:

  • Intelligent Resource Planning: With automated resource capacity management, Aprimo offers a way to visualize and drive intelligent marketing work management based on team’s capacity. This feature automatically recommends optimal allocation of resources and assignments based on each team member’s available capacity and roles. Once tasks are allocated, Aprimo intuitively predicts project bottlenecks before they occur, increasing efficiency and preventing costly project delays. With these features automatically accomplishing operational tasks that typically exhaust team resources, marketers can now focus on executing vital assignments that return top-line results with greater agility and effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Search: Modern marketers need the ability to search once, and retrieve results from all associated work. Aprimo addresses these concerns with a new platform-wide search ability across all objects. Now brands can use Aprimo to search based on any keyword and find associated assets, projects, tasks and people relating to that subject, across marketing functions, with a single search. This search expands across the entire Aprimo portfolio, including Aprimo’s best-in-class Digital Asset Management solution.
  • Enhanced Collaboration with Video Annotations: As more organizations are growing their video input, marketers can now save significant resources and time spent editing content and accelerate time-to-market speeds with the new ability to place comments at precise times to reflect desired edits accurately. This allows for easier collaboration across teams with the ability for multiple people to annotate video concurrently to ensure the best quality video makes it to market.
  • New Homepage UI: My Aprimo, the new homepage experience, offers a more visually-oriented and interactive landing page. A leap ahead in user experience, the new card based homepage allows for quick access to links, easy ability to change and sort links, favorites and metrics in one easy-to-use interface, plus the ability to pin and bookmark important projects right onto the homepage. The new UI Extensibility features also give customers and third-party developers the ability to build custom cards, with embedded buttons within Aprimo that interact and pass data with external applications.