Aprimo Announces Spring 2019 Release with Enhancements Across its Entire Platform

Jun 06, 2019

Aprimo, a provider of technology solutions for content, operations, and performance that enable enterprises to optimize their brand experiences and the resources they use to deliver them, has announced a Spring 2019 Release including new features, UX innovations, and expanded integrations across its entire platform.

The release recaps innovations that Aprimo continuously delivered to its SaaS platform from the beginning of the year. Each update further enables users to easily plan, create, and manage all their content and behind-the-scenes activities involved in delivering customer experiences.

New product enhancements focus on making it easier for users to find and re-use components of advanced content types, as well as work more efficiently via tighter integrations and enhancements to work requests:

  •         Advanced package support for files including Creative Cloud documents, 3D models, and computer-generated images (CGI): Ingest any document, 3D, or CGI package and automatically deconstruct the separate objects or object groups as individually downloadable items. This can include underlying stock images, text snippets, or other graphic treatments that can be searched for, downloaded, and used to enrich new content among dozens of other use cases.
  •         Enhanced 3D and CGI Preview capabilities: Allow users to visualize a more interactive preview of 3D or CGI models without needing the native applications
  •         Integration with Outlook allowing users to add tasks assigned in Aprimo to their Outlook checklist; integrate with Outlook out-of-office, so users are not assigned tasks to complete when out and a back-up resource is appointed during the period
  •         New Work Request Experience: UX improvements that make self-service updates easier including more transparency on current job status with all teams and assignees involved, and the capability to automatically populate agile boards and task lists with both assigned and projected tasks

The Aprimo Mobile App that enables reviewers to approve new purchase orders and invoices on-the-go as well as see how marketing expenses affect overall budgets.

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