Aprimo Announces New AI and Ecosystem Integrations for Digital Asset Management Platform

Oct 16, 2017

Aprimo, a provider of digital asset management and marketing operations solutions, announced its Aprimo Digital Asset Management (ADAM) offers enhanced AI-powered auto-tagging to improve consistency, scalability, and ease of use among digital content creation.

Content managers previously faced hurdles around time and inconsistencies associated with uploading and tagging meta-data manually, but Aprimo's AI-powered solution helps to overcome this major pain point with embedded artificial intelligence that recognizes elements of an image and automatically tags it upon upload.

In addition to AI-powered auto-tagging, Aprimo continues to strengthen its content hub with greater connectivity to the marketing ecosystem. As a result, customers can seamlessly deliver content to digital channels, strengthen cross-functional working scenarios, reduce total cost, and realize instant value.

  • Sitecore Connector: The enhanced Aprimo-Sitecore connector enables approved content to easily move from Aprimo DAM into the CMS for presentation and delivery on digital channels. This also allows customers to expand the reach of Sitecore into content creation and lifecycle management.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Connector: The enhanced Adobe Creative Cloud connector allows creatives to search, access, and use assets directly within their creative environment.
  • Desktop Connector:The new Aprimo DAM Desktop Connector provides an easier way for content contributors to check assets in and out of the DAM for editing, without manual file management on their desktop. Supporting both Windows and Mac operating systems, the connector automatically maps local files to assets within the DAM.
  • Aspera Connector: With Aprimo's new integration with Aspera, an IBM company, Aprimo DAM customers can leverage proven high-speed file transfer technology to accelerate the upload and distribution of large files in today's new and existing formats, including video, 3D, and augmented reality.