Appvance PerformanceCloud 2 Announced

Dec 18, 2014


Appvance, Inc., a provider of website and application performance improvement testing, released Appvance PerformanceCloud 2 (APC2), the next generation of its flagship testing platform. APC2 says it now has the broadest and deepest testing capability of any product available.

APC2's advanced feature set allows for test teams to develop complex and comprehensive testing scenarios, plus repurpose functional tests to data-driven performance tests all with detailed simulated user controls. The feature set includes detailed control of simulated users to provide the most realistic and comprehensive test scenarios, plus maintaining compatibility with industry standard script types such as JMeter, Selenium and Jython, which run seamlessly in APC2 and take advantage of all features. The latest release also provides support for cloud and agile development along with combining load and performance testing with the continuous integration process.

APC2 will arm serious testers with a real-time analytics dashboard that helps quickly isolate and eradicate bottlenecks and problems while tests are running. Through APC2's Live Active Virtual Users real-time analytics dashboard, Appvance helps test teams isolate issues as they happen, down to the millisecond. With APC2, testers also get complete stack traces, along with outputs and errors for active virtual users.