Appnext Releases Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Nov 04, 2014

Appnext released its Self-Serve Advertising Platform with the aim of providing a transparent marketplace that operates on a Cost-Per-Install (CPI) bidding basis, allowing app advertisers to place direct CPI bids on specific publisher sources.

The Appnext Self-Serve Platform enables advertisers to know where their apps are being promoted, and which publishers and app categories perform best, etc. Leveraging this data, Appnext provides advertisers with a solution for optimizing their campaigns through a self-serve platform by adjusting their CPI bids to reach positive ROI for each source and scale the top-performing ones.

Integrated with top app and website publishers, Appnext serves over 5 billion app requests a month recommending relevant apps to 230 million mobile users worldwide. Until now, any SMB app developer seeking the control, scale, and minimum budget barriers of a self-serve solution was had to work with Google, Facebook, or Twitter on a CPM or CPC-basis