Applimation, Inc. Launches Informia and Integra

Feb 03, 2004


Applimation, Inc., a provider of information and application lifecycle management solutions, announced the launch of Applimation Informia and Applimation Integra, two solutions designed to help companies manage the impact of data growth and continuously ensure the integrity of enterprise applications as they change throughout the application lifecycle.

Applimation offers a full suite of lifecycle management solutions intended to bridge the gap between information management and application management. The solutions are intended to help organizations to continuously monitor and manage data growth and enhance the internal controls within enterprise applications.

Applimation Informia is a solution for managing data growth and its impact on the enterprise. With Applimation Informia, organizations can identify and relocate inactive transactions to less costly datastores while maintaining transparent access to the data throughout the lifecycle. Applimation Informia was designed to decrease the impact of increasing data growth in the production environment by enabling organizations to create smaller, faster, fully-functional subsets of the production environment for use in testing, development, and training instances.