Appligent Releases APConductor

Feb 10, 2004


Appligent Inc., a provider of PDF-related software, has introduced APConductor. APConductor is designed to enable other applications to be plugged into a complex workflow via a XML-based SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messaging framework.

APConductor is the first member of Appligent's Web Services Product Family, a server-based backbone that creates a new level of integration for customizing PDF documents.  APConductor acts as a central dispatcher, directing requests from other applications to Appligent's families of PDF processing components and returning the finished results. It also enables developers and integrators to assemble PDF solutions by using a Web Services interface to communicate with Appligent's component plug-ins, which allow companies to build a full suite of in-house solutions for document processing. Applications, data, APConductor and Appligent's other components can be deployed on separate locations on the network.

In addition to its Web Services family of products, Appligent has six other families covering the spectrum of PDF manipulation: Appending/Publishing, Forms Processing, Stamping, Security, Redaction and Utilities. Appligent's families of component plug-ins are all production grade tools that run on Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, and Mac OSX, offering a level of multiple platform support that allows greater flexibility in fitting a solution to the client's existing environment. APConductor can be used in both .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition environments. Appligent's APConductor is now available for purchase online.

Appligent Inc. is a provider of server-based tools and plug-ins for the on-demand customization, manipulation, redaction, and delivery of dynamically generated electronic documents. The company's software applications are used in various industries, including financial services, government, insurance, banking, manufacturing, legal, and pharmaceutical. Appligent is a member of the Adobe Solutions Network and is a partner of Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, IBM and Apple.