Appligent Offers Unicode Support for PDF Software Products

Apr 09, 2004


Appligent, Inc., a provider of server-based Portable Document Format (PDF)-related software solutions, has announced Unicode support for several of its product families, including Append/Publishing, Forms Processing, and Stamping. Unicode accommodates glyphs in non-Roman languages that are represented as multi-byte characters, including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Appligent's Pacific Rim customers now will be able to stamp, append, and process forms in PDF with the local language.

Appligent's Append/Publishing Family is designed to allow users to assemble new files from collections of PDF files or split an existing file into smaller components. Products in this family include AppendPDF and AppendPDF Pro. Appligent's Forms Processing Family, which includes FDFMerge and FDFMerge Lite, combines information extracted from a database in Forms Data Format (FDF) with PDF to create a completed PDF form. The Stamping Family, which features Unicode support for StampPDF Batch, allows users to apply text or image data for the customization or control of documents without disturbing the original content or context.

In addition to the Append/Publishing, Forms Processing and Stamping Families, Appligent also has four other families covering the spectrum of PDF manipulation that include Security, Redaction, Utilities, and Web Services. Appligent products featuring Unicode support will be available for purchase at in Q2 2004.