Applift Partners with Protected Media’s New Mobile App Install Fraud Prevention Solution

Feb 28, 2019

Protected Media, a provider of mobile ad verification, announced that its Mobile App Install anti-fraud solution, which enables the real-time granular optimization of mobile attribution campaigns, has been selected by Applift. Protected Media’s Mobile App Install Fraud Prevention new solution integrates on top of attribution servers to supply the additional layer needed to detect advanced threats and attribution fraud.

Harnessing Protected Media's advanced detection capabilities and deep knowledge in mobile ad fraud to spot sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT), the new solution enables traffic filtering before sending it to the app market.

Applift, a mobile ad tech company that empowers advertisers to reach and convert audiences at every point of their mobile journey, has partnered with Protected Media to harness these advanced cyber security tools which include evaluating the legitimacy of publisher's traffic throughout the Mobile App Install process to detect and mitigate attribution fraud and fake installs.

Over the past year, Protected Media has seen continuous growth in the number of sophisticated attacks bypassing Mobile App attribution protection and evading data-science and timing based techniques.

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