Apple: iTunes Streaming Coming in the Fall

Jun 10, 2013

There is plenty of news coming out of Apple's WWDC today, but perhaps at the top of the list is the announcement that yes -- just as the rumor mill had predicted -- a streaming version of iTunes will be coming to a device near you. Apple says the service will be available to users in the United States for free in the fall. Repurposing much of its "Genius" technology, the streaming music service will suggest music to users based on their tastes. As of now, Warner, Sony, and Universal have all signed on to provide streaming rights to iTunes.

Also on the Apple horizon are new versions of its operating system. Moving away from the big cat-themed names, Appleis now moving on to California-themed names, starting with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The newest operating system will feature many new appls, improved battery life and power management, and the ability to add tags to file names. On the more glamorous side, Apple introduced multiple displays into Mavericks.

It also announced updates to its Safari browser, and that it will be bringing maps to OS X, including 3D. New MacBook Air and Pro models were also announced.