Apple Unveils HomeKit, Other iOS 8 Updates

Jun 03, 2014

After speculation that Apple was getting ready to unveil a smart home solution at the WWDC conference, the company did just that on Monday... sort of. Apple announced the new iOS 8 software development kit, which includes the HomeKit--among others like HealthKit. But that wasn't even close to being all of the news. 

In a sense, the HomeKit would turn your iPhone in a sort of universal remote for your house. Often a homeowner might have apps for multiple smart devices in the house--like a thermostat, lights, and a garage door opener. With the help of your iPhone (and Siri), you would be able to control all of those devices (and their apps) from a single space by saying something like, "Get ready for bed." 

It also intrduced a new app called Health which will work with third party devices -- like Nike Fuel Band or FitBit -- but can also track your calories burned and sleep patterns without any other devices. Apple also introduced iDrive, which some have described as a "Dropbox killer," because just like Dropbox, it allows you to store and access all your files from any computer.

Apple also introduced other new features, like Family Sharing. Now up to six family members who use the same credit card will be able to get access to apps someone else in the family has downloaded. And if you kids try to dowload something, they will automatically be prompted to ask you for permission.