Apple Runs Out of New iPads, Resellers Jack Up List Price

Mar 12, 2012

Computerworld, Inc. is reporting that Apple has sold out of initial supplies of the new iPad in every country where the tablet is slated to launch Friday. New orders will not ship for up to 3 weeks, the company has told buyers, according to Computerworld.

In the U.S. and Canada, all iPad pre-orders placed through Apple's online store will now ship on March 19, 3 days after the on-sale date, Computerworld is reporting. Australian orders will ship on March 22, while those ordered in other first-wave markets -- France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and the U.K. -- currently show a shipping delay of 2 to 3 weeks, according to Computerworld.

The shortages have again created opportunities for resellers who claim they will have the tablet next week, according to Computerworld. On eBay, for example, prices for a 16GB Wi-Fi third-generation iPad run as high as $1,200, a 140% markup over that model's list price of $499, while 64GB 4G tablets are priced as high as $2,799, or 238% above the $829 list price.