Apple Could Face 4G Advertising Lawsuit in UK

Apr 03, 2012

Advertising Standards Authority Ltd. (ASA) may sue Apple for misleading consumers about the 4G capabilities of the new iPad in the U.K., according to PCWorld, from PCWorld Communications, Inc. Apple describes the new iPad as being 4G capable, but the 4G standard used by the new iPad only works in the U.S. and Canada.

In other countries where 4G is available, the network operates on a different frequency to that of the iPad. The U.K. doesn't have 4G yet; it is expected to launch in 2013, and it will also be on a different frequency, according to PCWorld.

Following the launch of the new iPad, PCWorld reports that Apple changed the small print on the Apple Store entry for the 4G iPad to emphasize that LTE 4G will work in U.S. and Canada. The ASA could still pursue legal action, according to PCWorld. Apple has already been found guilty of misleading advertising in Australia, and has been instructed to offer a refund to buyers of the new iPad there.