Apple Announces iPhone 5, iOS 6 Updates

Sep 13, 2012


Apple devotees had a good day on Wednesday, when the company finally announced the highly anticipated iPhone5. With a 4-inch screen, LTE, and a bigger battery the phone turned out to be pretty much what was expected.

Apple also announce iOS6, which will bring many new features to iPhone users who don't want to stand in line to for two days just to get a new phone. Most notably, Siri is getting an enhancement that will allow the virtual assistant to give users driving directions and post Facebook status updates. And forget about Google Maps, Apple will now be using its own map system.

With this announcement, older iPhone models will be dicounted. The iPhone4 will now be free, and the 4S will be $99 for people who are eligible for an upgrade.

Buyers can start pre-ordering the phone on Friday, Sept. 14.