Applause Focuses on the Future of Testing With Launch of Applause Labs Releases Standard for Digital Quality

Oct 24, 2019

Applause, a provider of digital quality and crowdsourced testing, unveiled Applause Labs, an innovation engine focused on the rapid development and iteration of ideas that will bring next-generation testing concepts to life.

Applause Labs says it is the industry’s largest team dedicated to quality and testing, encompassing current R&D initiatives as well as an expanded focus on developing new testing concepts. Led by industry veteran Jonathan Zaleski, Applause Labs is focused on accelerating innovation and developing new ideas quickly and efficiently, allowing Applause to bring new offerings to market faster than ever.

Improving quality at the build, release and product level for brands that are looking to consistently measure and improve the quality of their releases over time, Applause Labs has developed the industry’s first and only enterprise-quality benchmarking tool. With over a decade of historical data on what quality looks like, Applause Labs uses client testing results to curate a customized quality score for the company. The resulting Applause Quality Score – a calculated value ranging from 0 to 100 – enables clients to understand the level of quality they are achieving build-over-build, helping them decide when a build is ready for release.

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