Apigee Institute Launches, Research Points to Apps, APIs and Data as Key to Competitive Success

May 17, 2013

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Apigee, the API company, launched the Apigee Institute, a research and strategy organization formed to help Global 2000 companies extend their leadership in the app economy. The Apigee Institute delivers strategic insights and practical recommendations based on real-world benchmarks and original research, with a focus on guiding organizations as they build strong digital ecosystems through apps, APIs and data.

It also released the findings of its Digital Impact survey of 200 IT and marketing executives in large companies conducted by the Apigee Institute. Aimed at quantifying how digital capabilities are impacting businesses, the survey revealed that "high digital performers" - those companies currently the best at using apps, APIs, and data -  are seeing better performance in revenue, time to market and customer satisfaction than weaker digital performers. And 99% of executives expect that these digital capabilities will have an impact on overall success in the next 12 months, with a steady or greater impact over the next five years.   

Apigee found that top digital performers are five times more likely to report strongly outperforming on time to market. They are three times as likely to report strongly outperforming on gross revenue and margin, and one-and-a-half times more likely to report strongly outperforming on customer satisfaction.

Sixty percent of the top digital performers expect to see a big impact from digital initiatives over the next 12 months, vs. 15% of the weakest digital performers. Marketing executives expect financial results (63%) and brand reinforcement (58%) to be the top areas of impact. IT executives expect reduced time to market (54%) and brand reinforcement (49%) to be the top areas of impact.