Apago Updates PDF Shrink 4.1

Jan 09, 2007

Apago Inc., a software developer for the graphic arts and document management industries, has announced the availability of PDF Shrink 4.1, a utility that reduces PDF file sizes, designed to make them easier to use in email attachments, on the web, for on-screen reading, and more. PDF Shrink functions directly from the OS X print center or a desktop droplet, offering a solution for consumers and small businesses to reduce the size of PDF files. Even those with the full version of Adobe Acrobat can use PDF Shrink to streamline the process of reducing the size of a single PDF file or a batch of files. PDF Shrink can reduce most PDF files--including those created by Mac OS X iLife and iWork applications, Adobe Creative Suite, and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint--by as much as 90% of their original size.

PDF Shrink 4.0 added optional encryption, support for JPEG 2000 image compression, and a "wizard" for novices to optimize PDFs for various uses. The latest update, version 4.1, improves job management, designed to allow users to add, delete, and reorder pending jobs; adds the ability to clear job history; and provides the option to overwrite the input file that allows users to maintain existing file- and folder-naming conventions. PDF Shrink eliminates duplicated images and other inefficiencies from PDFs generated by the operating system. PDF Shrink removes repeating images--such as the background image of a PowerPoint slide show, a bullet point list in Word, or a company logo appearing on each page of a document--which increases the size of the file. Even if a user has Acrobat Distiller, InDesign, and other design applications, PDF Shrink can still reduce the resolution or change the compression of the images in the PDF file.

PDF Shrink 4.1 is currently shipping and retails for $35. A fully functional, 10-day demo version may be downloaded from the Apago. The PDF Shrink 4.1 update is free to current 4.0 users, and PDF Shrink 3.0 users may upgrade for $14 through the Apago website.