Apago Introduces PDF Constructor

Feb 07, 2006

Apago Inc., a developer of software solutions for the graphic arts and document management industries, has announced PDF Constructor, a document creation solution that allows users to create PDF files from XML.

PDF Constructor was designed for companies and organizations that need to produce dynamic personalized documents for Web or print, including letters, forms, statements, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and stationery. PDF Constructor--which uses technologies such as XML, SVG, and CSS--allows users to combine text, vector art, images, and PDF pages together into a single PDF document. Customers can create PDFs for both printing and interactive use, including elements such as form fields, bookmarks, hyperlinks and metadata. Variable data publishers can use PDF Constructor to combine a design template with data to generate documents. PDF Constructor also enables the modification of existing PDF documents by adding text, lines, and images as well as the addition of bookmarks, hyperlinks, metadata, form fields, and JavaScript.

Features of PDF Constructor, include: its base on industry standards, including XML, PDF, and SVG; the ability for elements to be PDF pages, raster images in TIFF or JPEG formats, "rich" styled text, and SVG vector graphics; the ability to add interactive elements, including bookmarks, hyperlinks, annotations, form fields, actions, and JavaScript; a rich set of tools for modifying existing documents; support for modern PDF technologies, including transparency and layers; the ability to generate high-quality, prepress-ready, color-managed PDF output; and a declarative architecture that is not tied to a particular programming language. PDF Constructor is currently shipping to select customers. Pricing starts at $2,999.