Releases Free AnswerTips Tool for Websites and Blogs

Feb 23, 2007

Answers Corporation, creator of, has offered its latest webmaster tool, AnswerTips, to websites and blogs. AnswerTips allow sites to provide visitors with access to's information on topics, without having them leave the site or blog.

AnswerTips provide instant background information when a site's visitor double-clicks a word on an "AnswerTips-enabled" site. Activate an AnswerTip, and without leaving the page, a small information bubble opens, providing definitions, explanations, biographies, historical background and other types of relevant information. The AnswerTip provides content on the spot, rather than a number of related search links to follow. The free content in an AnswerTip comes from's database of information consisting of four million topics that are licensed from over 120 authoritative reference publications and other resources.

The tool has the ability to crack acronyms, quote stock prices, and retrieve biographical information on everyone from rock musicians to political figures. AnswerTips scans the text surrounding a word to retrieve the most appropriate information.