Annapolis Group Launches College News Portal With Ingeniux Content Management System

Dec 17, 2002

The Annapolis Group, an organization of liberal arts colleges, has announced the launch of a news portal, using Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS). The site brings together current research, news, commentary and information from 112 liberal arts colleges across the nation. The news portal seeks to increase the visibility of the nation's liberal arts colleges and to promote the value of a residential liberal arts education. The Annapolis Group selected Ingeniux CMS because it allows non-technical staff, such as public relations directors, at each college to publish their news and information directly to the Web from their institutions. With member colleges dispersed across the nation, the Annapolis Group faced huge training expenses unless contributors could quickly and effectively publish online. Ingeniux Content Management System's ease of use allowed for streamlined content aggregation from all 112 organizations that contribute to

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