Android Market Rebranded as Google Play App Store

Mar 08, 2012

Google rebranded its app store, formerly the Android Market, now Google Play. The Telegraph's Matt Warman reports that the rationale behind this move is to make consumers perceive the marketplace as a go-to ecosystem for films, music, apps, or books -- the way the Apple App Store is regarded.

The marketplace is more or less the same. The website features more changes than the store's app, including a new icon and a shopping bag. The emphasis on the mixture of books, movies, and apps is about the same.

With the rebranding of Android Market, the hope is that users, who previously associated the Android Market with free apps, will be drawn to download a film or, in certain markets, upload their own content, making the entity a comprehensive, web-based service for content. A Play account reportedly allows users to access all of Google's content, of which Android apps are just a small part.