Anametrix Introduces Real-Time, Multichannel Analytics for Media and Publishing

Oct 17, 2013

Anametrix, the cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform, introduced Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media. Optimized for multi-platform media and publishing companies, Anametrix offers news and entertainment media real-time decision-support by connecting web, social, and media-specific reference sources -- including Nielsen and comScore -- for automated reporting, drill-down segmentation and predictive analytics.

Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media delivers real-time, decision-support capabilities to help increase content consumption; increase digital ad revenues; optimize paywall thresholds; increase broadcast and video viewership; price ads accurately; automate reporting.

Anametrix for News and Entertainment Media is available now. Users can access their Anametrix data in real time through the web UI, patent-pending Microsoft Excel add-in, or any iOS, Android or BlackBerry mobile device. There is no software to install or manage.