Amplero Enables Marketers to Pinpoint Most Influential Customers, Measure Ripple Effect of Campaigns 

Jan 24, 2017

Amplero, a provider of applied machine learning and adaptive optimization to maximize customer lifetime value and loyalty, announced its Influencer Optimization capability that increases the power of the Amplero Intelligence Platform (AmpIP). Through the automatic aggregation of behavioral data, Amplero says it now makes it possible to map customer influencer ego networks that identify not only the number, strength, and intensity of connections, but also influence a customer has over the behaviors and actions of those connections. Moving beyond 1:1 personalized marketing, this advancement gives enterprise marketers the ability to optimize the full network impact of their marketing efforts, measured in a recent study as a social multiplier effect of 1.28.

The new capability was recently featured in a breakthrough study, “Beyond the Target Customer: Social Effects of CRM Campaigns,” published by the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing Research. Amplero Principal Research Software Engineer Matt Danielson partnered with researchers from Columbia Business School and HEC Paris to quantify the ripple effect of marketing campaigns on non-targeted customers in the targeted customer’s network. In a randomized field experiment using Amplero to deliver highly contextual messaging and observing the behaviors of nearly 6,000 mobile customers, the researchers found that social connections of targeted customers increased usage and were less likely to churn due to a campaign that was neither targeted at them nor offered them any direct incentives.