Amplefuture Launches On-Phone User Interface Application AFL Pocket Portal

Feb 15, 2005

Amplefuture, a provider of consumer interactivity solutions for television and mobile phones, has announced the launch of the AFL Pocket Portal. AFL Pocket Portal is an application that sits on the mobile handset menu and gives content providers and media companies the opportunity to provide consumers with a branded storefront in their customer's pockets with magazine-like features. It also provides links to purchase a range of information services and content such as music, images, and games.

Through the AFL Pocket Portal, consumers can view rich media color screen content with an experience similar to using the Internet, with underlined sub-links, a storefront to purchase content and mobile magazine-like features. The AFL Pocket Portal visual layout is tailored for mobile use with vertical and horizontal navigation. Payment for content can be made with a variety of payment methods including premium IVR (Interactive Voice Response), premium SMS, and links to WAP pages.

AFL Pocket Portal is offered with a Web-based desktop toolkit for marketers to develop and update content and manage payment methods. Additionally, the AFL Pocket Portal is offered with security content protection from Beep Science, a provider of mobile DRM solutions. An OMA v2.0 DRM client/server solution can be integrated to secure copyright protection and digital rights management.