Amobee Lanches Triggers to Target Consumer Mindset

Aug 23, 2016

Amobee, a provider of marketing technology, announced the launch of Amobee Triggers, a solution it says provides marketers the ability to target and deliver digital campaigns at key consumer mindset moments, based on online and offline data signals. Amobee also introduced a refreshed brand identity and website.

Airbnb, Allstate, and Kellogg's are among Amobee's clients that it says have achieved increased engagement and conversion rates using Amobee Brand Intelligence insights for their digital campaigns.

Amobee Foundational Triggers provide marketers the ability to launch campaigns based on:

  • Specific weather conditions or changes
  • Sports scores, overtime, wins/losses, trends around players or teams
  • Changes in the stock market and financial events
  • Real time foot traffic monitoring based on consumers' physical presence or changes in proximity to a point-of-interest

Custom Amobee Brand Intelligence Triggers are personalized brand solutions that enable marketers to automate digital advertising based on:

  • Changes in Volume of Digital Engagement
  • Changes in Sentiment
  • Changes in Social Consumption