Amnis Systems Launches Edge Server for Video Network Applications

Feb 04, 2003

Amnis Systems Inc., a provider of networked streaming video systems, has announced plans to launch an edge server platform for distributed video network applications. The edge server will support simultaneous real time video encoding, recording, streaming, management, and video-on-demand functions. Edge servers can be distributed throughout an enterprise network and are interoperable with Amnis' NAC series of network attached streaming video appliances, desktop playback, and network management software. The edge servers will consist of a family of pre-integrated storage appliances, which combine standards-based hardware and Amnis server software. The edge server architecture has been optimized to support network applications with geographically dispersed locations of video encoding, storage, streaming, and video playback. Such applications require a plug and play server that can simultaneously encode and record multiple live video events while streaming multiple video files to other geographic locations. In addition, these applications require an integrated management and scheduling capability for real time monitoring, control, and event response for all network attached video appliances. Unlike video servers targeted at centralized consumer video-on-demand applications, edge server functions can be deployed anywhere within the enterprise LAN to allow application optimization. Each edge server can be configured to provide one or more functions at each location such as: multiple channel DVR (Digital Video Recorder); automatic video content distribution and time shift; centralized management of video network attached devices; live video multicast over WAN; real time event and context metadata capture; and real time video stream analysis, processing and intelligent digital camera control. Amnis expects to introduce a series of edge servers beginning in Q2 of 2003. Initial demonstrations of capability are scheduled for late Q1 of 2003.