Amid Plunging Market, Netflix Accelerates DreamWorks Deal

Oct 26, 2011

Netflix released content from its deal with Dreamworks Animation, LLC this week, in the form of a Halloween-themed mini-series called Dreamworks Spooky Stories, which stars characters from Shrek and Monsters vs. Aliens. According to Gigaom, Netflix acquired content from Dreamworks Animation in a deal announced last month after HBO and Dreamworks Animation ended their content agreement. The deal wasn't expected to result in new content until 2013, which remains the set date for streaming newly produced titles, but older Dreamworks TV shows and movies are already available.

The deal enables Netflix to offer new content and older titles over its service, as well as TV shows and specials. Talks between Netflix and cable network Starz fell through in September, a reported 800,000 subscribers cancelled on Netflix last quarter, and stock prices plummeted this week. Netflix, which paid an estimated $30 million per film title to Dreamworks, may hope to ease investors' concerns through its deal with Dreamworks.