American Institute of Physics Announces Open Access Initiative

Nov 16, 2004

The American Institute of Physics has announced that it will offer on a trial basis an open-access publishing option to authors contributing to three AIP journals: Journal of Mathematical Physics, Review of Scientific Instruments, and Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science. The initiative has been named "AIP Author Select." Of the eleven journals published or co-published by AIP, these three titles were chosen for this experiment because they impose no page charges (other than a standard AIP charge for articles of excessive length).

Beginning on January 1, 2005, JMP, RSI, and Chaos will permit authors (or their funding agencies) to pay a $2000 fee prior to publication, for articles that will be freely available to anyone on the Web. Such articles will be highlighted by an icon in the Table of Contents, in both print and online issues, to indicate the articles' "toll-free" availability online. During the peer-review process editors and referees will not be aware of whether an author has selected the open-access option.

While the AIP Author Select experiment will have no effect on subscription rates for 2005, AIP plans to reduce future online subscription prices proportionately to the percent of open-access articles published. If a quarter of the articles published in a given year are open access, then a future year's online subscription will cost 25% less than what it would cost otherwise. If the trial of AIP Author Select is successful, then AIP plans to expand it to other journals.