Amazon's Kindle Fire May Be the Online Video Industry's iPod Moment

Oct 26, 2011

Article ImageIn a blog post on September 25th, streaming media expert and EVP of, Dan Rayburn, stated that the Amazon Kindle Fire "could be to the video industry what the iPod was to the music industry."

Rayburn, who is also the program chair for the Streaming Media West conference in LA in two weeks, stated:

"Kindle Fire's are going to sell like crazy and Amazon is going to do something even Apple couldn't do and that's jump-start the streaming media industry to all kinds of new growth and consumption of video related content. And that growth is going to help not only content owners but also all of the vendors who help those content owners create, ingest, transcode, store, manage, protect, monetize, distribute and track their content. Within the next two years, the Kindle Fire is going to become to the online video industry what Apple's iPod was to the music industry. Many times I am asked what the next catalyst is for the streaming media industry and without a doubt, my answer would be Amazon."

While Apple's iPad has certainly launched and dominated the tablet craze, Rayburn suggests that Amazon's unique position in the online video marketplace (among other things, they've got more than 12,000 movies and TV shows available for free with Amazon Prime), and their push to make video viewing a priority, will be the difference maker.

The Amazon Kindle Fire goes on sale November 15. Some leaked sales figures suggest that the Kindle Fire could be on pace to outsell the iPad as the biggest tablet launch ever.

You can read more from Dan Rayburn at his Business of Online Video blog and at You can also see the latest in online video and connected TV at Streaming Media East and West.