Amazon Launches Kindle Store, Makes KDP Available in Mexico

Aug 29, 2013

Amazon launched the Mexico Kindle Store), offering Mexican customers a vast selection of popular ebooks, Spanish-language best sellers, over 1,500 free books in Spanish, and a broad selection of titles from leading Mexican authors and publishers. In total, the Kindle Store offers over 2 million titles, hundreds of thousands of which are exclusive, and more than 70,000 in Spanish. In addition, Amazon announced that Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite are now on sale locally in Mexico at Gandhi stores.

In addition, it announced that independent authors and publishers are now able to make their books available in the newly launched Mexico Kindle Store using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Mexican independent authors and publishers can utilize the Spanish-language KDP website to make their books available to customers in Mexico, and more than 175 countries worldwide. They can also price their books and receive payments in Mexican Pesos.