Amazon Feud with Hachette Expands to Warner Bros.

Jun 12, 2014

Fans of The Colbert Report have probably already heard that Amazon is in a tiff with Hachette publishers. While Hachette and Amazon haggle over a new contract, Amazon has made Hachette books unavailable for pre-order and shipments of its books are being delayed. Hachette, however, is not the only company in Amazon's crosshairs. Warner Bros. is having similar problems regarding its upcoming DVD releases for titles like The Lego Movie, according to Gigaom.

Apparently, the Warner Bros. feud goes back to at least mid-May, when customers started complaining in Amazon forums. In fact, anything distributed by Warner Bros. is affected.  Meanwhile, the media is finally paying attention to something Amazon-watchers have known for years: it has disproportionate power over publishers, and other companies that distribute through Amazon.