Amazon Announces FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited--En Español

Sep 06, 2018

Amazon announced a new Spanish language experience within Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited. FreeTime Unlimited now offers kids access to over 1,000 premium, age-appropriate books, videos, educational apps, games, and, soon, Audible books--all in Spanish and at no additional cost to the subscription. Plus, kids now also have access to thousands of kid-friendly and hand-curated websites and web videos in FreeTime.

Whether already fluent in Spanish or still learning, kids of all ages can now enjoy Spanish language favorite books and videos like Sesamo, La vuelta al mundo en 80 días, El código del dragon, Miss Alegría, and Invasión del mundo principal: Una aventura Minecraft, plus translated versions of popular books, videos, apps, and games like Harry Potter, LEGO Ninjago, Teen Titans - Teen Titans Go!, and Where's My Water? from brands like Pottermore, LEGO, Disney, Cartoon Network and more. All of the content is kid-friendly, age-appropriate, and hand-selected by the Amazon FreeTime team with new titles added regularly.

In addition to new Spanish language content, kids can also enjoy unlimited access to the full catalog of English content, including over 20,000 kid-friendly books, videos, educational apps, games, and coming soon, Audible books, plus tens of thousands of kid-friendly websites and web videos. Along with Spanish content, FreeTime now also offers a new design, making it even easier for kids to find their favorite titles. The new design separates titles by content type, including by English or Spanish language, so kids can quickly find books, Audible books, videos, apps, games, and more.

Parents can also use the FreeTime parental controls to modify their child's language preferences either directly on their child's device or remotely through Parent Dashboard, and can choose to enable Spanish-only content, English-only content, or a combination of both. Settings can also be customized for each individual child profile. Parents can also choose Spanish as their Parent Dashboard language to monitor their child's activity and adjust their FreeTime settings remotely.

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