Altus Learning Systems Announces New Version of XKS Software

Jun 26, 2007

Altus Learning Systems, a provider of knowledge capture and delivery solutions, has announced version 5.0 of its Xtreme Knowledge Sharing software (XKS 5.0). This new platform incorporates Web 2.0 community enablement capabilities, such as enterprise collaboration, searchable video technology, blogs, wikis, and other enterprise social networking functions.

Key features of Altus Xtreme Knowledge Sharing 5.0, include: social networking features such as searchable video, podcasts, blogs, wikis, and RSS, and brings them inside the enterprise; video synch and search designed to allow workers to search video down to the spoken word to get just the right information; the creation of video learning portals to share the corporate knowledge captured from video training, meetings, conferences, PowerPoint presentations and more; and a Custom Content Builder, Top 10 Presentations Repository, Community Ratings and Comments, and Architecture Tools designed to allow employees to create their own personal home page in the knowledge portal. Altus is currently beta testing the initial release of XKS 5.0. This community enablement functionality will be incrementally rolled out to the broader Altus customer base over the next 12 months.