Altova Offers Free XML Document Editor

Feb 18, 2003

Altova Inc., producer of xmlspy, an XML development tool, has announced that their XML document editor product, authentic 5, will now be offered to the public through a free software license. Many look to XML in order to solve the problems associated with content fragmentation because the XML file format naturally lends itself to more efficient indexing, retrieval, reuse, and transformation of data. Unfortunately, the high price tags associated with all current XML content editor product offerings becomes a significant barrier for companies wanting to develop XML content editing solutions, especially given the current restraints on Corporate IT spending. Altova believes that the high costs of XML content editors shouldn't deter people from adopting and ultimately benefiting from corporate-wide XML content applications, and has therefore made AUTHENTIC 5 publicly available under a free license.

authentic 5 is a customizable and light-weight XML document editor that allows business users to create and edit content through a web-enabled interface that resembles a word processor. It features full support for standard internet protocols and file transfer interfaces, including WebDAV, HTTP; a browser plug-in that enables a business user to access and edit XML content on the Web, spell checking capabilities in 14 languages including a medical & legal dictionary, real-time document validation, built-in templates for over 15 industry standard XML content formats including NewsML, NITF, DocBook, and many more. AUTHENTIC 5 can be used in conjunction with the leading XML content repositories, including Oracle XML DB, Microsoft CMS 2002 via the AUTHENTIC Content Management Server Placeholder Control Edition, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Software AG Tamino Server, IXIASOFT TextML Server, Global XML GoXML DB, Lightspeed Interactive Astoria, X-Hive/DB, iLevel Software Insite Server, NeoCore XMS, and many others.