Altova Enhances XML Development in XMLSPY 5 Release 4

Apr 11, 2003


Altova Inc. has announced the availability of XMLSPY 5 Release 4. Altova has enhanced numerous key features in its XML Development Environment, XMLSPY 5 that are commonly required in creating customized XML content and data editing applications. To meet the needs of enterprise developers, XMLSPY 5 builds on previous versions through the addition of several key new features:

Enhanced WebDAV Support--Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) is a standardized set of extensions to the HTTP protocol, which allows users to collaboratively edit and manage XML files located on remote Web-servers. XMLSPY 5 and AUTHENTIC 5 now support Delta-V, an extension to the WebDAV protocol which enables check-in/check-out functionality when used in conjunction with a WebDAV server, thus supporting XML content editing in a collaborative, distributed environment, such as the Web.

Stylesheet Designer Enhancements--Business users creating and editing XML content are presented with a template layout which hides the complexities of the underlying XML technologies. Customized templates used in any XML content editing application are created visually through the use of a Stylesheet Designer which is included in XMLSPY 5 (Enterprise and Professional Edition) and STYLEVISION 5. The Stylesheet Designer now includes support for direct usage of global templates, support for conditional statements in Stylesheet Designer, as well as support for PDF Header/Footer/Cover pages, thus allowing for more customized template layouts and content outputs.

Enhanced Code Generation--The XMLSPY code generator now supports output code which uses Xerces (an XML parser), Standard Template Library (STL), and additional support of XML Schema simple types in Java/C# code generation.

XMLSPY 5 Release 4 is available immediately for free trial download and purchase from the Altova Online Shop. Existing XMLSPY 5 customers who have purchased a support and maintenance plan are eligible for a free upgrade. See Web site for complete price-list including special upgrade pricing for current customers, as well as multi-user or concurrent-user licenses or corporate support and maintenance contracts.